Competitive Advantages


The user interface has been simplified, and works in Natural Language.

Inter Operability

Easy to connect LEC to any online selling site


No more paper : numeric communication.


LEC is proactive : it alerts you for unpaid invoices, waiting proposals, invoices without reconciliation, delivery note with no invoice, …


LEC proposes you tutorials to learn functionalities. These tutorials are directly linked to LEC : you learn by truly using the system.

If a new user succeeds the tutorial tests, then he will have a certified diploma giving him access to the production environment.


The customers and suppliers are informed, in real time, on all actions the could be involved (shipping, receipt of goods, payments, …)


You have different environments : the production environment where the company transactions are processed, but also a test and  training environments in free access to test in case of doubt.

Version Upgrades

The system upgrades are transparent for the users and the company.

No need to test : then non regression tests are automatic.


LEC has a very affordable cost!

Then, it is a good solution, even for small companies.


Automatic archiving of all generated documents.