The Sales Process

customer Proposal, order, picking order, delivery note, invoice, payment, reconciliation, claims

The Purchase Process

Purchase order, goods receiving, goods use, creation of expected invoice, supplier invoice, verification with proforma supplier invoice, payment, reconciliation


Access right management. Profiles and multi profiles (salesman, buyer, account, stock manager, production manager).


Unpaid invoices on time, waiting proposals, payments with no reconciliation, delivery notes without invoices…


Large choice of reports to manage your company and make analysis : sales, margins, shipping, stock, payments, analytic dimensions.

Export to XL


All help documents are available directly on LEC depending on your profile.

Accessibility everywhere every time

LEC is in the cloud : you can access it whenever you want, wherever you are, and regardless of your device (PC, smartphone, tablet, …). No need to install anything.


Automatic files exports such as accounting files

Multi languages

LEC is design to be in the end-user language.

Today, it exists in english and french.